21st Century – London (England).

This book contains various annotations, stories, fables and pages of what seem personal diaries of different times and people.

There are already several glosses and stories that I find in this library and the more I advance in my research the more my body shudders.

This sensation is curious. As I go deeper into my search, more curiosity wakes me up. I spend hours in this file as if it were seconds. I forget everything around me and I lose track of time. 

Yesterday, when the clock marked midnight, suddenly the needles stopped at the sixth bell. I approached hesitantly, because in the time I’ve been here I’ve never seen it in operation. I approached cautiously to examine it and although it was an old watch it looked well taken care of, in fact it looked like a collector’s item, with those so perfect and beautiful carvings that it had.

I observed it. The minute hand was not placed on the watch so I did not give importance. The watch did not seem to be working, yet I heard its inner mechanism. I did not want to neglect my research so I went back to the texts, in order to gather more information.

The search was in a blocking moment. I could not know who or who were the owners of the mysterious and peculiar book that dazzled me.

In my despair, I decided to sit in the leather chair that presided over one of the reading tables and I took a drink from my decanter in order to free my mind of so much fatigue. I reclined my head to accommodate myself, when my gaze fell on the bookmark pages.

I went to examine it carefully. From the first moment I knew it was valuable. It was composed of gold and its engravings were done in a very unusual way. In the center it had a small notch, but I did not notice details, because the book had me spellbound.

I looked at the clock again and said to myself out loud:

-“How can it be? Either this means something, or grandpa was so upset that of not buying a bookmark he used the minute hand. “

I went to the clock again and setlled the minute hand in its respective place and prepared to adjust it at the current time. As soon as I put it at 12 o’clock the pendulum moved again and the 6 chimes continued ringing making a crack in the wall.

I got scared and retreated a couple of steps, at the same time, I saw that behind the central sphere had opened a small cavity.

Inside I found an object wrapped in a black velvety cloth.