The Last Beating Heart

The Last Beating Heart

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My Sweet Torment

Es mucho más que música. Es por eso que no esforzamos en crear historias conceptuales en cada disco y las completamos con los fragmentos de la cripta.

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Imagina tener un libro con su banda sonora. Pero ahora imagina que esa música es capaz de ofrecer una experiencia de sonido única. Eso es exactamente lo que proponen nuestros discos.

  1. The awakening
  2. My sweet torment
  3. When the nightmares become reality
  4. Oblivion
  5. Entering the darkness
  6. You are only chunks of meat
  7. Between two waters
  8. Tears of blood for a goddess
  9. Bitter moments
  10. The last beating heart



Lasting (in) time the chant of your essence,

your dark  brightness makes me

remember the  place where I saw you for the first time
gliding through the shadows,

feeling (you in) my eternal dreams,

make me a mere slave and confuse my mind…
My life is based on bitter dreams of illusion…

My death will be with you
My life i’ll be with you
When my lips make contact with you
Your ecstasy fills my body

When the night falls…
My soul feels fear…
be finally mine…
Warm and sweet torment…

Lost in these sorrow
m   y heart  remembers you…
Make me forget and let the hours
be minutes and days be hours,
I can hear the ticking of the clock,
while the scars hide my heart…

When I cannot see your arms surrounding me
misery and sorrow return to me
and they put   out the flame of the candle
of my soul inside      this dark dream
towards my destiny…

My death will be like this
My life will be like this
When I slowly penetrate you
I feel you in my inside.

When the night arrives…
My soul feels fear…
Immersed in this union…
I own you once again…

All my life is based on my bitter dreams of illusion

In my sweet torment…

My death will be like this
My life will be like this

Something is calling me,

I cannot resist.

It’s controlling me,

I need it.

Death is around me.

I can feel it stench.

Mei I call it

just once egen?

What have we done?

There’s nothing around us.

The livings are gone.

There’s nothing here left for us.

Just the bones of those

who shall serve us

when the nightmares

become reality.

We must feed our ravenous,

we shall survive for all eternity.

But there’s nothing here left for us

just the bones of those

who shall serve us when the nightmares become reality.

Let’s shut down our hunger.

It’s time for us to say goodbye

to the world we know nowadays.

While the darkness surrounds our bodies and confuses our minds…and time goes by..

Shall the time erase

the memories of the dead

and let forget the livings

our mistakes,

while time goes by.

Let’s welcome a new world

of loneliness and


After a long time of deep sleep, a sweet melody keim to my iers
proriucing a st    range feeling that made me get out of this eternal sleep.

The sweet sent

of a girl

who     made my blood

flow like fire.

I returned to the living world,

I fell into oblivion.

Time has gone by, it’s a new era for the world.

We had fallen into oblivion.

The lights that illuminate this dark night.

Will make us come back from oblivion.

I walked through the fog, looking for

the taste of this new world…

I watch the night,

hiding myself.

I no longer belong


Time has passed by, the livings will remember us.

We shall come back from oblivion.

This breathing night

Will make us come back from oblivion.

We are all awake now under the howling of the moon, we all felt better than ever, we will be gods for this new world.

we came back from oblivion.

we came back from death.

we came back from oblivion.

We shall spend the eternal life hunting you.

You won’t let us fall again into oblivion.


The sun goes down…

Welcome my friends,

we have come so far,

it is time for us,

to remember who we are.

Come (all) to the feast

It´s time to eat.

You shall give us

your lifes.

We are starving, the haunting begins.

This world has changed,

but we are still alive,

let´s make the livings

our precious preys.

Come to the feast

It´s time to eat

your shall offer

your lifes.

Death shall become your ally

we shall become its messengers

lets play carefully

theres no places for mistakes

this world may be our playground

they shall be only pawns of our desires


but at the end of the night

we are only sleeping gods.

this world may have changed

but yet you are still blood and flesh

may the apocalypse sift over your heads

‘Cause you are only chunks of meat.

welcome my friends we have come so far

its time for us to remember who we are.

come to the feast

its time to eat

you shall give us

your lifes

come to the feast

its time to eat

you shall offer

your lifes

come to the feast

its time to eat

come all, enjoy

the meal

come to the feast

its time to eat

you are only

chunks of meat.

Look how far we´ve come.

I´ve created the superior race.

I will rule over life and death.

There’s no place for weakness,

We shall not perish,

Eternity is our punishment,

we survive among life and death

I´m proud of you  my sons,

We won’t let the day overcome us

Look how far we have come.

All together we are invincibles.

But maker, you are not our master.

We should live as we belive.

Maker, you are not our god.

We´d place our hopes far away.

I Know  the eternity,

I ve met the death

so many times,

I know the mistakes of the past,

How do you dare to reveal yourself



We are all different,

We desire different ways of living,

We shall not follow you,

You are our master no more,

We will learn to live apart.

Don´t look down on us

Cause we will follow you no more.

We think differently,

We live differently,

your goals are not ours,

we will live apart from now on.

After a long time in a world

full of emptyness,

felling the death in every breath I take.

I can see the loneliness

I feels lost inside

this blood’s made castle, just so lost inside

There is no hope remaining here

All we can do is stay by our side.

But I have to leave so far

Don’t feel alone while I’m gone.

I can hear a frozen eco whispered by the wind.

That remembers me the velvet taste of your lips.

Between shadows and silk.

I remain asleep.

Fragile memories of my life

imprison his regrets.

I remember your dark eyes

reviving my shattered soul.

Making me feel alive

instead of dead.

In your bed of roses

I confess you my love

I’m slave of your sweet dreams


Tears of blood for my Gooddess.

I cannot stop dancing around this hell of memories,

while I see you sleeping and my soul is consumed in time.

For his love, in this liveng hell where the angels cry

while his heart’s wings rise trying to reach my last breath’s twillight.

My heart’s shadows obscure the day

In your crib of dew.

Kneeling before thy bed of roses.

I’m standing still,

trying to comprehend

your reasons to abandom me

Why would you all leave me behind?

Was I a bad partner?

Or its that I loved you too much?

I’m standing so far,

from where I really belong.

Don’t you understand?

I was always there watching you,

alone so far.

Don’t you dare to judge me.

I’m the one who was supposed

to look after you, in this eternity.

My little girl, you are the only one

Who doesn’t understand.

Will you respect the livings

and cry for the death ones?

I gave you my love,

I gave you my home,

I gave you my everything,

just for you to ruin it.

What have I done?

I won’t kneel myself,

I won’t change my way,

just for stopping

my heart from bleeding,

your heart from bleeding